Jal Jeevan is an Initiative that helps provide clean, purified drinking water to  people in villages of India through a Water ATM. It caters to approximately 300 families per ATM. The Water ATM is a system where the local source of water i.e. bore well etc.  is connected to a water purification plant that is set up in a village. The purification plant works on the basis of Reverse Osmosis and purifies  water. This purified water is then stored in a tank near the ATM, ready to dispense in 20 litre jerry cans. Each family is given a water ATM card for daily usage. When the card is  swiped at the ATM, the purified water is dispensed. The project is scalable and financially viable, as after taking an initial loan, the  recovery is done by charging a nominal amount per litre which pays for running of the plant and the excess can be deployed to fund new project or  repay the loan. My first ATM is set up in Sholapur, Maharashtra and was inaugurated by the  Municipal Commissioner on Indias Republic Day 26th January 2016. Attached herewith are photos of the Water ATM and event.4


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